Click on the links below to view some examples of Josh's music for film and TV.

Lloyds Banking Group Animations (2011)

A series of six animations produced to train Lloyds Banking Group staff to deal with challenging situations.

Secrets of Angels (2009)

Guardian angels reveal they're as lost, fallible and heartbroken as those they watch over.

Fables of Forgotten Things (2005)

Danny is lost in a world of forgotten things where sleep transports you from place to place and his only constant companions are the strange Clarence and his spiders.

A Fairytale of Forgotten Things (2004)

Have you ever stumbled upon something you'd long since forgotten about?

The Message Storm (2002)

When her dead lover sends her an undeveloped photograph, Sarah must question whether she wants to see what lies beyond life.

The Magic Mile (2001)

A deaf girl discovers that even miracles have their limits.